# Encapsulated Language Project

# Language Name

The language doesn’t currently have a name.

We’re currently not accepting proposals for a name.

The consensus among the Official Proposal Committee is that a name won't be chosen until the Language is sufficiently developed.

# Language Logo / Flag


We’re currently accepting proposals to improve the Logo.

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# Aims and Goals of the Language

The Encapsulated Language Project aims to create a Language that encapsulates as much scientific and mathematical knowledge within the sounds, syllables, words, patterns, and essence of the Language itself to facilitate an intuitive understanding of the world around us. A speaker of this language will have instant access to a large pool of knowledge simply through understanding how to unpack and parse their own language to utilize the knowledge cached within it.

The end goal of this project is to create a language parents can raise their children speaking natively alongside their other native languages. The children would acquire this language like any other native language. Then, when the child starts their education, the parent would instruct them on how to analyze and parse their native language to gain access to a wide range of mathematical and scientific knowledge. This will help the child to gain an intuitive understanding of the world around them and lower the amount of rote memorization required.

# Priorities

The order of priority is encapsulation, followed by accessibility, followed by acquisition.

# Definitions and Clarification

"Encapsulation" means that the language does more than provide a formalized system of signs and symbols to communicate meaning. It means that all parts of the system – the structure of the language – follows a logic that contains not only the relationship between signifier and signified, but additional information. Like a side channel containing metadata.

"Encapsulation capacity" refers to how much additional information can be packed into the elements and structures of the language. Of course this capacity can hardly be measured, but different approaches and proposals can be compared in regard to their consequences for capacity.

"Language Acquisition" is the process by which humans acquire the capacity to perceive, reproduce and comprehend the language to communicate and understand the world.

"Language Accessibility" refers to language acquisition in a diverse range of perception (as hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive ability). It’s not a question of easy acquisition. Accessibility is concerned with whether it is at all possible, not with how much effort it takes.

# Consequences

This project does not aim to create an easy language. If it happens to be easy, that's fine, but we will neither sacrifice encapsulation capacity or accessibility just for easy acquisition of the language. We assume that adults who want to learn this language in order to raise their children with it, will be prepared to put effort into learning it.

As for the children who grow up speaking this language, they will have the huge advantage of picking it up natively. And practice shows that natively, children learn even the most complex and irregular languages without difficulty.

Of course, native language acquisition depends on how competent the parents are with the language, so we strive for a language that is easy to learn, but only when that requires no compromises in regard to higher priority goals. Think of it this way: we put the burden of difficulty on the shoulders of the parents while maximising the benefit for the children growing up with this language.

It also means we do not aim to create an inclusive or accessible language. Of course, we want this language to be beneficial for as many children as possible, so we strive for a language as inclusive and accessible as it can be. But we'll only sacrifice "encapsulation capacity" for accessibility if it seems a really good deal to the community.

We’re currently accepting improvements of the wording to the stated aim of the language. If you wish to change the wording, please present your proposal in Reddit first.

present your proposal in Reddit

# Encapsulated Language Project Definitions

Draft Proposal: A Proposal to change an Official Proposal or add to the language. An addition to the language must be in accordance with all current Official Proposals. Essentially, this is an idea for a change or an addition seeking community feedback.

Official Proposal: A Proposal that defines an aspect of the language and has community support (it has been voted on and approved by 50% of voting participants). All Draft Proposals must work in accordance with all existing Official Proposals.

Language Fundamental: An aspect of the language that can’t be changed by any single individual or groups of individuals.

The Official Proposal Committee: Is a group of six people responsible for ensuring that all Draft Proposals seeking officialisation through community vote adhere to the aims and goals of the Language.

# History of the Encapsulated Language Project

The project was founded by Richard Delamore (Evildea) on 18th June 2020. The original proposal for the language can be found here

Shortly afterwards, Richard started the subreddit